Pål Ketil Botvar med artikkel i tidsskriftet «Politics and Religion»

I forbindelse med sitt nylig avsluttede doktorgradsprosjekt har KIFO-forsker Pål Ketil Botvar publisert en artikkel i tidsskriftet «Politics and Religion» nr 3, 2009

Her er et resyme av artikkelen:

The article addresses the relationship between religion and politics, and combines theories on religious change with theories on political cleavages. Empirical evidence is presented from a Norwegian survey of new forms of religiosity and political attitudes. Woodhead and Heelas (2004) have posited the hypothesis that a silent revolution is taking place where (traditional) religion is giving way to what they call “spirituality of life.” This article questioned the assumption that the individualistic and consumer-oriented New Age movement of the 1980s and 1990s has developed into a new religious movement that is concerned with life quality and social questions. According to the literature on political cleavages, certain demands have to be fulfilled before a social divide or a conflict develops into a full political cleavage. With respect to alternative religion, the empirical analysis reveals that the main obstacle is related to the lack of a collective ideological platform.

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