An analysis of the role of religion in newspapers, radio, TV and internet

When does religion become news in the media? Which religious statements appear in which media? Is the public debate on religion centered on the majority churches or on religious minorities? Is the journalistic angle positive or negative? Who are the participants in the debates on religion? To what extent is religion present in the daily press, on TV and on the radio? What are the changes over the years? What about popular culture media? Is religion present in magazines and films? If so, how is religion portrayed here?

Some indicators that will be studied during 1988, 1998, and 2008 are:

  • Coverage of religion in a selection of newspapers at particular points of time
    • religious columns, editorials, debates, news, and features on religion
    • religious symbols and verses in funeral announcements
    • religious authorities in the media
  • Religion in the broadcast media (TV and radio)
    • number of televised services and radio services during 1988, 1998, 2008 by various religious organizations
    • number of listeners to morning devotions and religious services on radio and TV
    • time devoted to religious and spiritual programs on public channels
  • Religion and spiritualities in popular culture media
    • magazines
    • films
    • books
  • Religious and spiritual newspapers and magazines published

Research group:
Kati NIEMELÄ (Finland)
Knut LUNDBY (Norway)
Mia LÖVHEIM (Sweden)
Henrik REINTOFT (Denmark)
Ann Kristin GRESAKER (Norway)

In cooperation with:
Árni Svanur DANIELSSON & Bjarni Randver SIGURVINSSON (Iceland)
Sofia SJÖ (Finland)