Conferences, seminars and group meetings


Monday August 13

12:00-13:00     Lunch
13:00 -14:00    Inger: Welcome and information.

Introduction to the book and theoretical perspectives
14:00-16:00    Thematic group meetings
18:30                Dinner


Tuesday August 14

09:00-12:00     Thematic group meetings

12:00-13:00     Lunch with the local committee,

café Lindell, Lindellhallen
13:00 -15:00   Thematic group leaders: Presentations of contents

of their chapter and update on progress and plans
15:00-15:30    Inger: Conclusions from the meeting and further plans
18:30               Drink with the local committee
19:00               Dinner with the local committee,
sponsored by Berndt Gustafssons minnesfond,
celebrating the 50th anniversary of
Religionssociologiska Institutet